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I have a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts , an A.S. degree in Technical Writing, and I continue to take on projects and online courses to keep my skills fresh.

Since technology is constantly changing I find myself also digging into new books on JQuery, AJAX, Javascript, PHP, SQL, advanced HTML, CSS, responsive web design, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

I currently split my time between various freelance website/graphic design projects, and also enjoy cooking, playing the fiddle, gardening, hiking, and peaceful life in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Ask for my Resumé!

By the time I got a bachelors degree in fine arts in 1989, I realized that faster than I could say "obsolete", art seemed to be moving toward "virtual" canvases. Here is a little history of what was going on between 1985 and 1989 when I was busy painting, drawing, and carving sculptures in art school.

1985: Forerunner of America Online (AOL) is launched by Steve Case

1989: Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web

1990: I realized that I was holding a BA degree in fine arts in one hand and scratching my hurting brain with my other, the Internet took off, leaving poor me behind, (but not for too long)

1989-1991: I squandered 2 years as a stand up comic in San Francisco open Mics. Realizing that my clever humor was not going to pay the bills, I continued my college education

1991: WorldWideWeb browser and server software made available by Tim Berners-Lee

1991: I started the Web Publishing program at Foothill College

1993: Mosaic, the first properly developed web-browser, takes Internet by storm

1994: First World Wide Web Consortium conference held

1995: Amazon launched by Jeff Bezos, Yahoo launched by David Filo and Jerry Yang

1996: I dabbled in HTML hand-coding and freelance projects

1998: Google opens its doors

1999---present: ongoing web publishing courses and various projects keep me busy

2000: Launched S.W.A.T. Web Design (freelance projects)