Larry Bubbles Brown is a San Francisco based comic who flourished during the 80's comedy boom that produced great comics like Robin Williams and Dana Carvey. He got stuck with the nickname “Bubbles” because, well, he isn't.

In the first grade he was watching clouds go by at recess and realized we are all going to die. This made him so depressed he just laid under the swings until the teachers came out and brought him back to class. He was sent home with a note.

Having grown up in Ohio, he moved to California in his early 20's, seeking high rents and traffic.

He spent two years working as a traffic reporter on Live l05 morning show with Alex Bennett. Best job, worst hours.

After a series of Kafkaesque payroll jobs for the Federal government, he tried stand up at the Holy City Zoo in SF in l98l. In a few months he was making some money then rode the comedy boom of the 80's. That comedy boom crashed in the 90's because as he points out, "Anything in life you like will be taken away from you." Though the boom ended, Brown stayed at it because as he says, “you can't beat working half an hour a night.”

He has appeared on more than 25 tv shows, and holds the record for longest time between appearances by a comic on the David Letterman Show; he will be making another appearance this year.

He appears in clubs mainly in California and Las Vegas because flying terrifies him even though he was a certified glider pilot before stand up.

He was also in the movie "The Kiterunner," and numerous others. He wishes he were a better actor because, he laments, “movies have better food.”

He is a frequent opener for Dana Carvey, Dave Attell, Rob Schneider, and Felipe Esparza.

He released his first CD in 2020: "It's gotta get better"

Can currently be heard on Dana Carvey's new podcast - Fantastic!


Larry is performing at The Punchline, SF, on Wednesday January 17th.

Larry is performing at The Punchline, SF, on Wednesday January 17th.


Doors open one hour before the show. This show is 18 & over with valid, government-issued photo ID. There is a two-drink minimum per person. Cameras and video/audio recording devices are not permitted. All non-headliner shows'' lineups are subject to change. Preferred Seating: $28.25 General Admission: $20.25 in advance, $23.25 day of show


There’s nothing like a stand-up set from a true comedy veteran. They’ve killed and they’ve bombed and they’ve made it through everything a stand-up audience could throw at them over the years. The end result is a group of seasoned pros who have sharpened their delivery, trimmed the fat and know how to deliver a killer comic punch in any situation. Michael Meehan has been seen on The Late Late Show and Last Comic Standing. Also on the bill is Johnny Steele from the comic noir/monster film, Hey Monster, Hands off my City. "Larry “Bubbles” Brown’s deadpan style has earned him two Letterman appearances.

Larry has a weekly starring role on Dana Carvey's in 2021!

Fantastic! With Dana Carvey

Dana riffs on a bunch of characters, including Anthony Fauci prank calling Trump and Trump prank calling Biden. He also discusses Covid 19 and helicopter parenting. Guest starring comedian Larry Bubble Brown and Dana's Sister, Lori.





Throckmorton Theater

Late Night with David Letterman 2008


Last Comic Standing


Knocked Up 2


The KiteRunner


more to come!

Larry’s debut album, "It's Gotta Get Better", was released on March 3rd, 2020 by You Lucky Dog Productions and FastLayne Comedy; exactly 39 years after his first open mic set at the Holy City Zoo.

The album is available from the following sources:

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